Course Credit Reimbursement

Course Credit Reimbursement

  • The Township of Ocean School District reimburses only those courses that have been pre-approved by the Superintendent before they are taken.
  • Transcripts and Proof of Payment must be in the Personnel Office on/or before September 30th, February 28th and June 30th for reimbursement approval at the following Public Board Meeting.  Any Transcripts or Proof of Payments received after these dates will be reimbursed at the next reimbursement time.
  • A teacher will be reimbursed for each credit hour at a rate equal to ¾ of the current state university rate or the actual credit cost, which ever is less, for each approved credit hour for accredited courses within his/her certification taken while the teacher is under contract with the Township of Ocean Board of Education.
  • A credit hour for non-credit courses approved for reimbursement is defined as a minimum of twelve (12) hours of formal instruction.
  • Please complete and return the Form
  • Questions please contact Marie Fiorentino - HR Clerk x3006 or