5th Grade Extra Help Schedule
5th Grade Extra Help 2015-2016
Teacher Day Time/Notes
Abramson, Nicole 1st Monday of month 2:30 pm by appointment
Bellezza, Kathleen Tuesday 2:30 pm
Curran, Rob Monday 2:30 pm
English, Susan Tuesday 7:15 am 
Gall, Gail Morning by appointment only 7:30-7:45 am
Gorga, Katie  Tuesday  2:30 pm
Haney, Christine Tuesday 7:15 am or by appointment
Hanke, Marcia Monday 2:30 pm with parent permission
Haynes, Meghan Thursday 2:30 pm
Herrera, Victoria Monday 2:30 pm
Johnson, Rosann Thursday 7:15 am
Kelsey, John Tuesday 2:30 pm
Kondoleon, Rita Wednesday 2:35 pm
Koob, Christine Thursday 2:30 pm
Krueger, Heather Tuesday 2:30 pm
Lopes, Nicole Wednesday 2:30pm with note on how getting home
McAloon, Walter  M, T, W, Th by appt., Monday-Thursday
Nahrebne, Lisa Wednesday 7:15 am
Palumbo, Joe Monday 2:30 pm
Perkins, Debra Thursday 2:30 pm
Reisler, Jeff Tuesday 2:30 pm
Ruland, Jen Wednesday 2:30 pm
Somma, Laurie  Thursday  2:30 pm
Sterner, Janine Wednesday 2:30 pm
Thomasey, Lynne Monday 7:10 am or afternoons by appointment
Tuohy, Jen Thursday 2:30 pm 
Walker, Crystal Thursday 2:30 pm