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Larry Kostula
Building Principal

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   SAC Office Extension 7042
  FAX - Gr 6,7,8  732-493-1891
  FAX - Grade 5 732-493-8045 
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   Jim Maliff Extension 7007
   Chris Amato Extension 7101

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Kelly Weldon
163 Monmouth Rd 
Oakhurst, N.J. 07755
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Principal's Message

The Township of Ocean Intermediate School is comprised of approximately 1100 students in grades 5-8. Each grade level is located in a separate wing of the building. Our administrative structure includes three Assistant Principals, four Guidance Counselors, a full time Child Study Team, a Student Assistance Counselor, and K-12 subject area supervisors who serve as "curricular experts" in each of their respective disciplines.

Grade 5 operates as a school within the Intermediate School.  Other than sharing the nurses' station and the media center with the Intermediate School, the Grade 5 wing functions as a separate school with its own main office, music room, art room, lunchroom, and full-size gymnasium. Two state-of-the-art science labs and a fully equipped computer lab are designed to assist in student learning. In addition to the computer lab, fifth grade students have access to five computer stations located in each classroom.

Grade 5 functions as a semi-departmentalized setting, where two teachers work together. One teacher teaches Math and Science and the other teaches Reading and Language Arts. Social Studies is taught by all teachers. In addition to the five academic areas, the fifth grade curriculum includes; world language, music, art, health, enrichment and physical education. The entire staff is committed to providing a nurturing, caring, and stimulating learning environment, where students can grow and excel.

Consistent with middle school philosophy, grades 6, 7, and 8 are each organized into three distinct academic teams of students and teachers. This teaming concept is the core of our organizational structure and the key to success in educating the middle level child. Teaming enables us to turn a large school into smaller learning communities which further personalizes a child's education. Our team planning periods enable teachers to meet twice weekly to hold parent conferences, discuss student concerns, and plan integrated instruction.

Sixth grade teams are unique in that they consist of elementary certified teachers who are considered ‘Highly Qualified” in their subject area. This organizational pattern results in an ideal transition for 6th graders coming from a semi-departmentalized setting in 5th grade. In addition to their 5 core academic subjects, 6th graders participate in a world language, as well as health/physical education on a daily basis. Computer applications, art, technology, theater arts, chorus, and enrichment round out the 6th grade schedule.

7th and 8th grade students have subject certified teachers in each of their five content areas. Additionally, 7th and 8th grade course offerings include band, chorus,   technology, computer applications, enrichment, art and music appreciation.  Communications and math labs are offered as part of our Academic Success Program. World language and health/physical education are taken on a daily basis.

An extensive battery of extracurricular activities compliments our program. These include a full regiment of interscholastic sports, a school play, yearbook, student council, a school newspaper, literary magazine, chorus, band, math club, the Pride club, and Project Extend (an after school program). The outstanding staff of the Township of Ocean Intermediate School continues to meet the always-challenging needs of early adolescents.

Larry Kostula