Parent Portal FAQs and Updates
Parent Portal FAQs and Updates


Parents: the automatic email feature may be inconsistent...  please use your computer also to go online periodically so you don't miss any important information

The Parent Portal .... see below for openings at your child's school

** HS - open**

** TIOS - open**

**   ELEMENTARY - closed for summer**

Elementary Portal closed while teachers calculate grades

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Having trouble with the Parent Portal?

- It  may be your browser -

Try using a different one:


Internet Explorer

Google Chrome





Email   Karen Jardel at  -  with the following information:


1)Your (parent/guardian) full name

2)Your child(ren)'s full name and the school they attend - it is important 

that you list all of your children so we can make sure they are

all linked to the same account for you

3)Your email address

4)Be specific about the trouble you are having such as:


 example 1 - Cannot set up my account - not accepting my Access ID

 example 2 - Cannot add one of my children to an account I have set up

 example 3 - Forgot my password or username


With this information I can better assist you in creating/adjusting your account,

& send your login information via email.


Marking periods are shown on our district calendar



If you have not done so already, please "create an account".

Use the link below and follow the instructions outlined in: " Getting Started with the Parent Portal in 3 East Steps ", which you can obtain at the front office of your child's school.

Click here to create an account,

Once this account is set up, it remains until all of your child(ren) graduate.


You will be asked to use the (Student Access ID) and (Access Password) that is contained in Getting Started with the Parent Portal in 3 East Steps " , to link your student to your account during the process of creating it. 

(To obtain this form, you may be asked to present photo ID for security purposes) 

In the lower portion of the screen, on the same line where you are asked to 

type your child's name, you will use the AccessID & AccessPASSWORD  specific 

to each individual child.

Right click and open in new tab for video instructions to set up your parent portal account

 Parent Link   

On the main page of our district site, the Parent Link tab enables you

to access the Portal sign in page as well as this FAQ's and Updates page.

Please visit this page often to see updates throughout the school year


And please feel free to call your child's school if you need extra help 

or if you have any questions at all...and ask to be transferred to

me directly   (Karen Jardel)


If you have misplaced or have not received your instructions:

     "Getting Started with Parent Portal in 3 Easy Steps"   


you may either come into the school with photo ID , or 

arrangements can be made to have this mailed home to you or sent home with your child


Karen Jardel, SISM